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so not studying for my 3 FINALS tomorrow....

001) What time are you starting this? 1:09
002) Name? Amber
003) Date of birth? December 30,l 1983
004) Sex?: female
005) Height? 5'1"
006) Eye color? blue/green
007) Hair color? was chestnut brown, i need a touch-up
008) Location? right now? @ EMU
009) Where were you born? Dearborn, mi
010) Have you ever failed a grade? nope
011) If you have, what grade did you fail?
012) Do you have a crush on someone? not at the moment
013) Do you have a bf/gf? if only
014) If so, what is their name? --
015) How long have you been together? --
016) What are you wearing right now? EMU t-shirt and garfield pajama pants
017) Would you have sex before marriage? yep
018) Have you ever had a crush on any of your teachers? yes
020) Do you smoke? hell no
021) Do you drink? occasionally
022) Are you ghetto? nope
023) Are you a player? nope
024) What are your favorite colors? red, pink, orange, yellow
025) What is your favorite animal? Kittens
026) Do you have any birthmarks? yes 2 one on my neck and one on my hand
027) Have you ever gotten your ass kicked? yes by my brother
028) Who is your best friend? Kelly, K8, Shae
029) Have you ever beat someone up? yes my bro when when was smaller than me
030) Who do you talk to most on the phone? my friends
031) Have you ever been slapped? yep
032) Do you get online a lot? all the damn time
033) Are you shy or outgoing? a lil bit of both, depends on my mood
034) Do you shower? everyday
035) Do you hate school? who doesn't
036) Do you have a social life? not really thanks to my dad
037) How easily do you trust people? not very easily
038) Have you ever lied to your bestfriends? yes...and it's the biggest mistake ever!!!
039) Do you have a secret people would be surprised knowing? hell yea
040) Would you ever sky dive? maybe
041) Do you like to dance? yea
068) Have you ever been out of state? many times
069) Do you like to travel? YES
070) Have been expelled from school? no
071) Have you ever been suspended from school? no
071) Do you want to get out of your hometown? YES NYC HERE I COME
072) Are you spoiled? I used to be
073) Are you a brat? of course
074) Have you ever been dumped? yes
075) Have you ever gotten high? sugar high
076) What's your favorite drink? orange pop
077) Do you like Snapple? it's ok
078) Do you drink a lot of water? I try to
079) What toothpaste do you use? i change all the time
080) Do you have a cell phone or pager? celly
081) Do you have a curfew? nope
082) Who do you look up to? my coach Sandy
083) Are you a role model? perhaps
084) Have you ever been to Six Flags? yes
085) What name brand do you wear the most? Epress
086) What kind of jewelry do you wear? my two fav rings
087) What do you have pierced? my ears and my belly button
088) What do you want pierced? my nose
089) Do you like taking pictures? yeah
090) Do you like getting your picture taken? always
091) Do you have a tan? kinda...from Florida still
092) Do you get annoyed easily? sometimes
093) Have you ever started a rumor? back in the day
094) Do you have your own phone/phone line? yea right
095) Do you have your own pool? no
096) Do you have any siblings? yes, 1 little brother Kristopher
097) Do you prefer boxers or briefs? boxers
098) Have you ever been played? yes
099) Have you ever played anyone? well....
100) Do you get along with your parents? not my dad
102) How do you vent your anger? i piss and moan or i shut off from everyone and everything
103) Have you ever run away? from what? Yes, many things
104) Have you ever been fired from a job? no
105) Do you even have a job? Concession Supervisor @ MJR
106) Do you daydream a lot? yeah
107) Do you have a lot of exes? what constitutes a lot?
108) Do you run your mouth? enough to piss some people off
109) What do you want a tattoo of? a dolphin
110) What do you have a tattoo of? a chinese symbol that means Beautifual and an orange/pink hibiscus flower
111) What are your favorite flowers? pink/yellow rose and hisbiscus
What happened to question 112? I have no idea
113) What does your most recent crush look like? FUCK
114) Have you ever been bitched out? yes
115) When was the last time you bitched someone out? not recently
116) Are you rude? i don't know
117) What was the last compliment you received? You are beautiful
118) Do you like getting dirty? yep
119) Is your bellybutton an innie or outie? innie
120) Are you flexible? friend once told me a long time ago that i would be gr8 at sex.....hahah
121) What is your heritage? polish, german, french, sweden, czech
122) What is your lucky number? 9
123) What does your hair look like right now? complete shit
124) Could you ever be a vegetarian? YES
125) When was your last real heartbreak? about a month ago
126) Describe your looks? somedays i think i'm ugly, others, hey i'm doing alright, and sometimes i actually think i look good
127) If you had to completely dye your hair it'd be what color? copperish red
128) Would you ever date someone younger than you? tried it and lets not go there....
129) Would you ever date someone older than you? yes, but not like 10 years older
130) When was the last time you were drunk? christmas day...oops...
132) Would you rather give or receive oral sex? both
133) Have you ever given? well...i used to have a fear
134) Have you ever received? to a certain extent
135) Have you ever had an eating disorder? yes
136) Do you have one now? no
137) How many rings until you answer the phone? depends who it is
138) Have you ever been skinny-dipping? Yep
139) If yes, when was the last time? i don't remember
140) Do you look more like your mother or father? both
141) Do you cry a lot? yes
142) Do you ever cry to get your way? no
143) If you had to amputate one limb, what would it be? i couldn't
144) What phrase do you use most when on the phone? "yeah"
145) Are you the romantic type? for the most part
146) Have you ever been chased by cops? nope
147) What do you like most about your body? my ass and sometimes my stomach when it's toned
148) What do you like least about your body? my feet and my nose
150) When was the last time you threw up? sometime this year
151) In the opposite sex, do you prefer blondes or brunettes? just as long as it has a penis
152) What do the shoes you last wore look like? stupid black work shoes
153) Do you ever wear slutty clothes? yes
156) Have you ever fucked someone up? no
157) Have you ever been fucked up? not too fucked up
158) What color are your underwear right now? pink
159) What theme does your room have? tropical/hollywood
160) What size shoe do you wear? 7
161) What jewelry are you wearing now? my fav 2 rings and some earrings
162) What is your screen name on AIM? amberostikki
163) Would you pick a wedgie in public? depends on the intensity of the wedge
164) How are you feeling right now? pissed off
165) When was the last time you were at a party? woulda been last night....:-(
166) Have you ever given a lap dance? kinda
167) What do you sleep in? a bed
168) Has there ever been a rumor spread about you? yes
169) What is one of your bad qualities? too many to pick just one
170) What is one of your good qualities? you tell me
171) Would you marry for money? no
172) What do you drive? sebring convertible
173) Have you ever given or received roadhead? no
174) Are you more of a mama or daddy's child? neither
175) What's does your journal username mean? that i'm a cali girl...or i want to be anyway....
176) What's your favorite journal to read? the ones on my friends page
177) When was the last time you cried in school? never
178) Do you wear Chucks? i don't own any
179) For two million dollars, would you pose for Playboy? yes
180) What time are you finishing this? 130...21 minutes
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