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Oh How The Years Go By

I don't even know where to begin! I feel so empty now. Yesterday was an emotional day for me. Yes, it was the SERIES FINALE OF FRIENDS! So I got up at 7 to watch the TOday Show because they did a farewell thingy and the Rembrandts performed. Then from 5pm until 1:30 am I watched them say goodbye. My biggest goal was not to cry. At 8 pm NBC did this tribute to them where they showed clips of each of the 6 cast memebers, then more clips of games, and lovers. THen about 10 minutes left of it they announced the cast and they came out for one last time. And yes, this is where I started crying. I was like I can't do this. I don't want to say goodbye. My mom and K8 watched with me too. I know you are all thinking Amber you're such a big loser. But i don't care. This show and all of the cast members have imspired me so much. I'm not going to talk about this though. What I do want to say is that everytime I was pissed off, stressed out, hurt, all I had to do was throw in a tape of Friends and they just made it all better. This is the same for many other people too. We have lost 6 of our closest Friends and the cast members know this too. Not only was it very emotional for the rest of America, but for, Jennifer, Courteney, Lisa, Matt, Matthew, and David as well. I feel like i have lost a part of my life. And Like i said you all reading this can think what you like, I don't care.

The Final Episode, I thought, honestly could have been so much better than what it was. But I think they did it like this to not want us to remember the final episode. They want us to remember all of the other great episodes, all of them that were happy, emotional, sad.....all of the stuff they have been through. That's what we will remember. We will also remember the end, them leaving their keys on the counter of Monica and Chandler's apartment. Remembering all of the fun they shared there. We will remember Chandler and Monica moving to the suburbs with 2 babies instead of 1, we will remember Joey and Phoebe getting their lives together, and finally we will remember that Ross and Rachel are together forever!

I wanted to make myself a TOP 15 EPISODE LIST, so here it is:
***My favorites

1 ~ "The One Where They Go To Vegas"
TIE 2 ~ "The One With The Football"
2 ~ "The One Where No One's Ready"
3 ~ "The One With The Embryos"
4 ~ "The One Where Ross Finds Out"
5 ~ "The One With All The Haste"
6 ~ "The One With Ross' Sandwich"
7 ~ "The One With The Routine"
8 ~ "The One With All The Resolutions"
9 ~ "The One Where Everyone Finds Out"
10 ~ "The One Where They're Up All Night"
11 ~ "The One With Joey's Big Break"
12 ~ "The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding"
13 ~ "The One With Ross's Wedding (In London)"
14 ~ "The One With All The Cheesecakes"
15 ~ "The One With Unagi"

Rachel and Monica Couldn't have said it better:
Rachel ~ "I mean it's like the end of an era"
Monica ~ "I know"

Thank you FRIENDS for an amazing 10 years...for all the laughs, the one liners, the hugs, the Kisses, and all the emotional tears. There is so much more I could say.....The world has lost something truly amzing. There isn't a better chenmistry among anybody else except for these 6 Friends.

Good Bye,

<3 Amber
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